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Dr. Mary Samba, founder of Loving Hands Touch Ministry, Inc., received a Humanitarian Award from The Lovelight Awards 2015 and, another award, from the Washingtonian.

woman receiving an awardDr. Mary Samba is the founder and president of Loving Hands Touch Ministry, Inc. Moved with compassion and pity over the devastating impact and aftermath on the survival of the children and women of the 10-year war and Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and after her two mission trips in 2007 and 2009 to Ghana, she witnessed the many orphaned children who needed basic food, water, and shelter. On her arrival in the USA, Dr. Samba decided to develop a goal-directed mission organization that would eventually become Loving Hands Touch Ministry, Inc. in 2012.

Dr. Samba’s extensive background of over 20 years in education, teaching, healthcare Leadership experience, community, and public service development and partnership has enabled her to develop programs and fundraising activities to accomplish the mission and goals of Loving Hands Touch Ministry, Inc. Due to Dr. Samba’s ability to promoting partnerships across organizations and ministries, she was able to negotiate and acquire a 22-acre land in Kenema of the building of a school. Also in Ghana, Dr. Samba has partnered with Transformed Life Ministries in the City of Accra and Kasowa in support of orphans’ daily needs, business ventures for the Women of Christ Ministry, and medical care for the needy.